A New Home


Spring is finally upon us, after what feels like a long and at times difficult winter for a lot of folks. But now, as we move into the longer days and lighter breezes of spring, bulbs are emerging and trees are rapturously blooming everywhere. Time to start planting seeds.

This blog site has long been dormant – through more than just one winter! – but it is time to give it a fresh start too.

Last week my new website went live! It was a daunting and challenging process at times, but I had some great folks working with me to put my ideas and words into form.  And the cool thing is that it can provide a new home for this blog.

This site will be up for a bit longer, then it will be closed.  The developer of the new site is trying to migrate the existing subscribers to the new blog, but we don’t know yet if it can be accomplished – so visit the new blog site (where the archives now live) and sign on again if you’d like. There will be new content coming soon!




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