About me

Acott_me and Juno

This is me doing one of my favorite things when I’m not writing: reading.

And this is Juno doing one of her favorite things: trying to get between me and whatever it is I am trying to do. She does it when I’m writing too. But that’s okay, she’s good company.

I have been writing almost all my life. Before I could write I dictated stories to a willing parent, who dutifully wrote it out on folded pieces of newsprint. I would then illustrate the story and said parent would staple it together.

I like to think of this as my early attempt at self-publishing.

I came across a couple of the stories a year ago when I was cleaning out my dad’s apartment. They were actually pretty good, in a five year old sort of way. I was touched that he had kept them.

Another time,  somewhere in my early adolescence, I wrote a many-page mystery story that my mother – in a gesture of amazing encouragement the magnitude of which I only appreciated many years later – showed to an English teacher of mine for her considered opinion as to its quality and merit. My teacher said it was definitely well-written, adding that I had clearly read several Nancy Drew mysteries (ok, yeah, probably about two dozen by that time). But that’s how we sometimes start, right? Trying to emulate what we like to read?

I was thrilled by my teacher’s endorsement that I had promise.

I like to think her well-timed belief in me helped to keep me writing, even as I fell in love with a multitude of other things (all fodder for writing, truth be told), was falsely accused of plagiarism by an English professor and graduated instead with a degree in Art (another passion).

But through it all I kept writing.

Fiction and non-fiction, stories of all kinds.

Website content for hire, a book in the works.

I have been writing with some amazing and inspiring people during these last several years, and the air fairly crackles sometimes when we get together to read our work. I am grateful for the invigorating circle of creative people with whom I travel along this path.

It’s a great life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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