About me


I write for people who like to read fiction.

It doesn’t have to be physical books over kindle, but extra points for those who still love the sound and smell and feel of turning pages.


I write for people who like stories about people they might like to meet.

Whether it’s a character in a piece of fiction, or someone doing Interesting Things in the world. You like learning and discovering things that connect you to another person, recognizing struggles and desires that are similar to your own. Or different than you, which can be interesting too.


I write for people who love stories.

Scientists say we are hardwired for stories. It is how we try to make meaning of the world around us. We gravitate to them


I write for people who are curious about the world.

There is so much to learn about – so much that is interesting, amazing and wondrous, right?


I write for people who love food.

There is so much culture and history (and stories!) wrapped around the food we eat. Shane Mitchell, author of “Far Afield: rare food encounters from around the world” asked scores of immigrants from many different countries what they brought with them that held fond memories of the countries they left behind; for most, it was a familiar dish or food. Food carries many powerful and enriching associations, to our past ancestry as well as our present circle of family and friends who join us at the table.


I write for people who believe we become connected to each other by sharing a meal.

Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani said “Our [Pakistani] food is so good…how could you hate us after eating that?” Now, this is partly humor, but partly truth. If you share someone’s traditional dishes, you are invited into their identity. And those we come to know we discover we have no need to fear. 


I write for people who are not afraid to be moved to tears.

Vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. Just ask Brene Brown. Our stories make us human, and many of those stories are powerful. Just try to get through some of the writing of Brian Doyle’s without shedding tears of one sort or another.


I write for people who search for connection.

For those who desire to feel more deeply their place in the world, and who suspect we all have more in common that connects us than that which divides us. Those who look to find that connecting spot where we can recognize something familiar in each other.


I write for people who thrill at the sight of a sunrise, at the sound of birds, at spring’s first new buds.

For people who drink in the writing of those like Mary Oliver and Wendell Barry; who are rejuvenated when spending time in the natural world, and, without putting any specific doctrine on it, sense the presence of the Divine when in nature.


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